Every sprinkler system we install is specially designed for each job.  There are many factors to considering when designing a new system or fixing an older system that isn't working properly.  These factors include soil type, the grade of the area to be irrigated, area size, irrigation water vs. domestic water, etc.  We only use the best products available on the market that we purchase locally from S&W Irrigation, located in Wenatchee.  Our jobs are kept clean and organized which help us to make quick efficient work of everything that we do.  All of our sprinkler systems and irrigation repairs come with a 1 year warranty on parts and installation.

Start Up/Monthly Audit check up


Consist of a qualified technician resetting the timer, checking each zone for any winter damage and proper sprinkler adjustment, and also cleaning the filter when applicable. Additional charges would apply for parts and repairs.  We have many customers, commercial and residential, where we come monthly to inspect that the irrigation system is working properly and all sprinkler heads and drip emitters are providing proper coverage.  These visits are especially important in June thru August when dry spots are sure to show up if the system is not working properly.  Starting at $55

Fall Blowouts

In the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas, our sprinkler systems need to be blown out in the Fall to avoid freezing damage.  This is done with a tow able air compressor and a qualified technician.  Without a proper winterization you will have costly and timely irrigation repairs in the Spring.  Our irrigation blowouts come with a Spring guarantee each year.  If you think there is a problem from the blowout, don’t hesitate to call!  Starting at $50

Irrigation Repair

    This is where we excel.  There are many types of irrigation repairs including:  irrigation line breaks and cracks, broken sprinklers, plugged sprinklers, drip line repairs, broken valves, stuck solenoids, broken timers, pump installs, installing double check valves (as long as they are outside).  We have seen a lot in 10 years and are very quick at troubleshooting and diagnosing problems.  So if you are having a problem, we are very confident that we will know what's wrong.

Irrigation repair rate is $75/hr, but many times we are able to fix the problem under an hour and only charge a call out fee of $60.




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New Sprinkler System Install and Design  

This is what we enjoy doing the best.  There is more to designing and installing a sprinkler system than just throwing sprinklers on a PVC line.  The amount of water and pressure available as well as the type of irrigating you will be doing are all factors that have to be considered.  We can do as much or as little as you want.  I have customers that dig and fill the trenches, so all we have to do is install.  Digging, cleaning out trenches, and back filling is one of the most expensive parts.  So if you are trying to save money and don't mind working, you can dig it yourself.  With all new installs we take the time to teach the homeowner how to operate and maintain their new system.  This includes how to set the timer, adjust sprinklers, and cleaning the filter.